Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Difficult Choices

Anne Frank and her family were immigrants. Her father moved the family to Holland in 1933. They learned to speak Dutch which was eaiser for the children than for the parents. Her father, with the help of Dutch businessmen, started a business and supported his family. These immigrants were accepted by the Dutch people.

Then came the Germans and the Dutch Capitulation. The same discriminatory laws the Franks had escaped by leaving Germany followed them to Holland. Anne's father then devised a plan to take the family into hiding. This plan would require the help of the others - others who were willing to risk the same fate that awaited the Franks and the other Jews in Holland. It must have been a difficult choice.

Why were Meip and Mr. Kraler willing to take that risk? Were they grateful that Mr. Frank had given them a job, just as Mr. Frank was willing help the Van Pels family because Mr. Van Pels had helped Mr. Frank get his start in Holland. They chose to resist an oppressive regime that treated some people as less than human. Hiding, feeding, protecting, keeping an important secret were some ways that Meip and Mr. Kraler protected the Franks and the Van Pels.

What are some other ways that the Dutch people resisted the Nazi regime? I will travel to the Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam, but it is not called the Dutch Resitance Museum in the Dutch language. What is the museum called in Dutch? The first person to post the answer will have their comment included in my blog!! Ready, set, go!

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