Saturday, May 1, 2010


One thing I have learned about teaching is that I do not always have the answers to my students' questions. I tell my students that all learning starts with questions. We can look for the answers together. I don’t think their questions about the causes and the consequences of the Holocaust are going to have simple answers, but curiosity and commitment to learning is something I can model for them.

I will travel to Munich, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam this summer to visit many Holocaust and World War II related sites.

Below are some questions inspired by my students:

Where did it all begin? Why did Hitler gain a following?

What was Jewish life like in Europe before the rise of National Socialism?

How do memorials honor victims and instruct the living?

Who are the perpetrators, the collaborators, the victims, and the bystanders? Are bystanders perpetrators or collaborators?

How were books and art a threat to the control the Nazi party needed over even German citizens?

What was Jewish life like in Prague before WWII?

Was it the music or ideas of Richard Wagner that were so attractive to Hitler?

How did Hitler and the National Socialist German Worker's Party (Nazis) come to power?

What was Jewish life like in the Netherlands before the Dutch capitulation?

How did the Dutch people resist the German oppressors?

What is the danger of propaganda today?

What populations are at risk of persecution today? What is our responsibility?


  1. wow, one of the things i love so much about you is that you can make a spectacular blog! man o mighty do i look up to you! you're my hero! be safe on youor trip and keep us posted!! love, your favorite student, need I say more?? ;-)

  2. well, its been about 45 minutes since my last blog but i just CAN NOT stop thinking about if you get lost on your journey!:( tell me mrs.nordquist, what will you possibly do to not get lost or left behind??
    xoxoxo kacy-

  3. you are my hero. such a great inspiration to kids. One day I wish to be just like you. you have a lot of guts to travel so far!!

  4. Kacy loves Mrs.N!!!May 5, 2010 at 3:15 PM

    Mrs.Nordquist, I have been very worried about this journy you are about to begin. Are you not afraid of getting lost? What about if you run into someone who doesn't speak English? Wow, you have a lot of courage!! :)

  5. KACY LOVES YOU(:May 8, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    Mrs.Nordquist, I love the fact that you have decided to take some time on this very long trip! You are a great inspiration to me! But I'm also worried. What if you get lost? Or if you can only find people who speak Dutch??