Monday, June 28, 2010

The Anne Frank House

I came to Amsterdam to see The Anne Frank House. So today I finally have accomplished the quest which I began 4 years ago. I began working on plans to visit the Anne Frank House and visit other WWII and Holocaust related sites four years ago. Today I climbed the stairs that Anne climbed and let me tell you they are even steeper than the ones I climb to my room each day and those take my breath away. I was very moved to read Anne's words, to imagine how hard it was to be quiet all day, to see how small the space was that two families shared for a little more than two years. But what was worse was that they almost made it-they were so close.

The Westerkirk was right next door to the secret annex. Anne mentions it several times in her diary. From the attic window skylight she could see it.
This is the museum and secret annex from across the Prinsengracht Canel.

Beautiful canal scene on the way home from The Anne Frank House.

We must learn from the past as Otto Frank says, “I think it is not only important that people go to the Anne Frank House to see the secret annex, but also that they are helped to realize that people are also persecuted today because of their race, religion or political convictions.” Otto Frank, 3 August 1970.

We must learn from the past and make a better future.

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