Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back from mission trip - getting ready for Europe again

Every year since I accompanied youth from FCC Stillwater on a mission trip to Matamoros, Mexico, our church has returned each year with adults and college students to serve with Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries and Juntos Servimos. The youth led the way and the adults followed. Returning to the same mission site each year gives the group the opportunity to see the progress that has been made. Each year we renew friendships that have developed over the years.

Even though my Fund for Teacher's Fellowship will take a significant part of my summer, I knew that I would follow through with the commitment I made to lead the mission trip this year. Since I received the news in March that my proposal had been accepted this year, I have been reading guide books, studying maps, making reservations, but for one week I focused on something else. Last week, I did not think about Europe.
Now for the next 4 weeks I will give this fellowship the same intensity with which I began this quest. I will live, breathe, and eat the experience. When I return to the classroom in August, I will try to communicate to my students that when they find their passion, work will seem like play.

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