Friday, June 25, 2010

A blend of old and new

Everyone who visits Berlin wants to see the bust of Queen Nefertiti. So we did, but it is the building she is housed in that will create the more powerful memory for me. The Neues Museum was badly damaged by WWII bombs. Parts were completely destroyed and parts were left without a roof, open to the elements, suffering even more damage before the renovations could begin. New and old, even damaged elements, are combined in its reconstruction, creating a powerful remembrance of the past. The architect, David Chipperfields, integrated new construction and renovation of existing elements to create a museum that does not just house Queen Nefertiti, but also testifies to the past. Queen Nefertiti is beautiful, but so is the Neues Musuem even with weather damaged paintings and bullet holes in the columns.

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  1. That would be so great if every historical building could have pieces of it saved like this