Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

Today is the last day of museums, the last day of sightseeing, the last day of dodging bicycles, motorcycles, trams, and cars while trying to find the pedestrian walkways. Sometimes the bicycles take liberties with the rules, but so do the tourists.
I have learned a lot. I have learned I can travel to new place, and I like it. I will continue learning as I look for ways to use what I have learned to encourage my students to want to know more about this world they live in and as I look for ways to encourage them to be active participants in taking care of it.

The garden of the Rijks Museum. In many of the museums no photography is allowed because it will damage the paintings. So I have a picture from the beautiful garden.

This is the theatre that was used as a deportation center in Amsterdam during German occupation of The Netherlands. Jews were required to report to the Hollandsche Schouwburg for deportation to labor or concentration camps.

This street that has been renamed for Anne Frank in the city of Amsterdam.

The Dutch Resistance Museum is the Verzetsmuseum in Dutch. Good thing to know if you are looking for it. The guidebooks may list the English name for a museum or site and the map another. I knew what to look for because for every museum I learned about in guide books and on the Internet, I also searched for the website for that particular museum where I learned more current information about opening and closing times, the price of admission, elements to look for in each exhibition, directions, and what the museum was actually called.
The Verzetsmuseum museum was a good place to learn about the difficult choices that the people of the Netherlands faced during the German occupation. Many parts of the exhibit are like looking in a window at the lives individuals during the occupation.

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