Sunday, June 20, 2010

The hostel experience

I'm in for the evening. There is a new crowd every day in the common room in the hostel where I am typing this. Everyone staying here shares all the bathrooms, showers, and two common areas. They mostly hang out in the downstairs common room/kitchenette. So I hang out in the upstairs common room when my body and mind can't take any more sightseeing. There have been some really nice kids up here the last two nights. It must be hard to have "your mother" hanging out in your hostel.:)
We all wash our own dishes, and breakfast is instant coffee, prepackaged sandwiches, cheap cereal and boxed milk. Breakfast is free, but I am looking forward to better options in Berlin and in Amsterdam.
The hostel works. I usually hear some rowdies come home around 4 or 5, but then I go back to sleep. Our room is as far away from the common areas as we could be, thankfully. Chad and I have our own bedroom with a bunk bed, but the room is about 5' X 12'. That's still better than most rooms here which have as many as 4-8 beds, mixed boys and girls. Mostly they have been nice kids. Chad is having a very good time, and I have learned to sightsee on my own. Sometimes I circle these crazy streets a few times before I get the map turned the right way.
No more hostels after this. We're back to pensions, which are more like bed and breakfasts. I have enjoyed meeting kids from all over the world, especially the 4 KU students who spent 2 hours discussing the logistics of their trip while I worked last night. I was beginning to wonder if the under 30 crowd knew how to plan an itinerary. Those 4 kids have it down, but I still had to go get my Rick Steves to tell them whether their Rail Passes would cover the S-bahn or U-Bahn in Munich. They gave me tips on Berlin.
I wrote some postcards while I did laundry today at a laundromat where only 1 on 3 dryers were working. It took forever. I have also started writing up my Terezin and Lidice tour. I will have some time tomorrow. We have a 2:30 train. I hope to start packing tonight, but some of the clothes are still damp.

Street veiw. We enter a lobby and put in a code to open the door.

The elevator no one uses.

Lost of stairs.
They are fond of bright, garrish colors in this hostel.

A narrow room.

Two ladies clean twice a day. Lot's and lot's of bleach.

The upstairs common areas has a picnic table as well as a couch and some chairs.

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