Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bavarian Opulence

Today I visited the summer palace of the Wittelsbachs of Bavaria. The summer palace was built from 1660-1760 by first by Ferdinand Maria and his wife, Henriette Adelaide of Savoy and then completed by their son Max Emanuel. It was quite impressive though it would be a different experience if it was decorated in the manner of the time period. However, all the traffic it receives would be hard on the artifacts, and when it is empty, there is nothing to distract from the architecture. It used to be outside the city, but now the city is right outside the outer ring of matching servant's quarters.

The Great Hall is one of the grandest Rococo room in Bavaria. The painting on the ceiling shows Olympian gods keeping the peace which was the ruler's duty. The room was decorated by Johann Baptist Zimmermann and Francois de Cuvillies in about 1760.

King Ferdinand's very fine bed.

One of three man-made waterfalls in a pool at the end of the magnificent mile-long garden behind the palace. Munichners walk the sheltered,tree-lined outer trails which border the garden. It is their palace, the grounds are open year round for their enjoyment. I saw two different groups of pre-schoolers today who will have good memories of class trips to Nymphenburg Palace.

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