Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Didn't miss the bus

I had no idea where our connecting express bus would be today when we got to Nurnenburg, and we had 10 minutes to make that connection. I had tried to ask 3 different times what to expect and where I would find the bus, but sometimes my attempts at communication with people don't go well. We made it however, but I wish I had packed lighter. My backpack is heavy. I'll put more of it in Chad's next time we move.

Prague is huge which I had not expected. The traffic on the way into the train station in a double-decker bus was frightening, but here in the old town section where we are staying, it's not that busy. Where are all the people? It may be early in the season for the tourists. The weather is still pretty cool here. Of course there is a big screen and soccer in the old town square tonight. The old section that I have seen so far is just beautiful - even better than Munich, and I thought it was gorgeous. Prague has some darker areas though. We saw some very run down apartment buildings as we came into town that looked like they were leftovers from 40 years of communist rule.
Tomorrow, I will tour the Jewish Quarter.

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  1. Hi Tracy, enjoy my home country. I hope you will like it.