Saturday, June 12, 2010

More pictures from Saturday

The Jewish Museum in Munich is right next door to this synagogue. The rock wall on the lower portion is reflective of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, and the angled glass on the top is supposed to represent the tent where Jewish religious artifacts were carried while the Jews wandered for 40 years in the wilderness.

Dirndls (typical women's dress) and lederhosen (leather pants) were everywhere on Saturday. Families gathered in the platz by the Munich City Museum and the Jewish Museum to play in the fountain. Later in the evening there was music in every platz, some German, but really a little bit of everything from swing to doo-wap. It was a tourist's wonderland.

The clock at the Deutsches Museum, the German Museum of Technology. Chad and I spent an hour looking at the development of flight, including astronaut underwear. Ask Chad about the Messerschmitt Bf 109.

We were looking for the Frauenkirche. We found it, but we also found this lovely gathering space where young people were gathered under the twin domes of the Church of Our Lady.

Fried Elderflower (Hollerk├╝chln), I think. It just proves my theory that anything breaded and deep-fat-fried is delicious, but the clerk on duty at the hotel looked skeptical when I asked if she could identify it.


  1. Tracy I am glad you made it safely. Don't forget siestas! Can't wait to see the art.

    Ps what is that mysterious fried thing? We are guessing grapes. Is that possible?